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Why ION-Sei?

Our Benefits


Crystal-Clean Finish

You know that feeling you get after you get your teeth cleaned at the dentist? Well, that's what you experience every time you brush your teeth with ION-Sei! It's because our toothbrush does not just brush, it polishes your teeth. When the electric toothbrush is activated, negative ions flood into your mouth and immediately adhere to plaque molecules. This reaction weakens the plaque attachment to teeth, allowing for effortless removal when combined with gentle brushing.

Meanwhile, ION-Sei (quietly) generates 31,000 sonic strokes per minute, gently scrubbing the surfaces and crevices of your teeth. Together with ion generation, the toothbrush performs a professional-level cleaning of your mouth, without the hassle of a dentist visit.


The surfaces of your teeth will be safely coated with negative ions when you brush your teeth with our ionic electric toothbrush. This naturally repels the negatively-charged S.mutans and prevents it from adhering to the surface of your teeth. The negative ions will even get in between the crevices of your teeth and gums and destabilize the attraction between plaque and negatively charged teeth. Think of two magnets that repel each other when their negatively charged poles are placed in proximity. This "ion protection" is 100% harmless, and it does not require chemicals like fluoride typically found in other dental hygiene products. Even your breath will remain fresh for a longer period of time with this natural antibacterial effect.

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Bacteria Growth Suppression

Those who brush with ION-Sei have significantly less Streptococcus​ (​S.mutans) in their mouth. And it's clinically proven that the fewer S.mutans bacteria present in your mouth, the less likely your teeth will form cavities. Nearly all cavities are caused by S.mutans which use sugar as a source of fuel to produce a sticky residue that eventually turns into plaque. Conventional dental care products are only effective against bacteria for a few hours after brushing. However, when you brush your teeth with ION-Sei, the negative ions suppress the activity of S.mutans for up to 12 hours. This prevents an explosive reproduction of S.mutans bacteria when you consume sugary food. As a result, negative ions remove the root cause of cavities by decreasing the number of S.mutans and maintaining a low reproduction rate.

Healthy Teeth for All

One thing that's not typically mentioned about using an electric toothbrush is the danger of damaging your tooth enamel. The enamel is a barrier that protects your teeth from the effect of acids and plaque - the main causes of cavities. Since ION-Sei performs its cleaning with gentle strokes combined with the power of negative ions, it does not damage your enamel with the aggressive action typical of other electric toothbrushes. We want to ensure your teeth are thoroughly cleaned without damaging your gums or enamel in the long-term. Our electric toothbrush heads are especially ideal for those who suffer from various oral issues such as sensitive teeth and receding gums which can be irritated with aggressive brushing. With ION-Sei, there's no pain involved in keeping your mouth healthy!

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The dentists highly recommend using ION-Sei electric toothbrush for one simple reason; it offers more precise, deeper cleaning with the power of ions. It’s especially recommended for those with sensitive gum and teeth, as ION-Sei does not damage your enamel and gum as it does not involve strong vibrations to thoroughly clean your teeth. We have heard from many of our customers that their dentists are surprised to see the positive improvements in their teeth after brushing with ION-Sei for just 6 months!

Product features

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Sonic Strokes

Our bristles gently vibrate at 31,000 strokes per minute offering you the most effective teeth cleaning and gentle gum massaging.

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Timer for Healthy Habits

Our toothbrush is engineered to pause every 30 seconds after brushing each quadrant of your mouth. This encourages you to brush thoroughly and build a healthy hygiene habit.

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Long Battery Life

Our patented technology toothbrush will last for up to 3 weeks once it’s fully charged, and LED signals to remind you when it’s time to charge again.

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Quiet and Gentle

Since we utilize ions for effective cleaning, there is no need for aggressive vibrations. Even if you have sensitive teeth and gums, you can brush your teeth in comfort.

“Makes me feel like I just got my teeth cleaned at the dentist.”

Matt Noble, 27

“My mouth feels fresh even after drinking coffee!”

Brittany Bartel, 30

“My teeth feel more polished after brushing with ION-Sei.”

Cathy Baiardi, 65

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