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Why ION-Sei?

1. Break the plaque bond + ionic coating

Ionic Tooth Coating

As you brush your teeth with ION-SEI toothbrush, the toothbrush generates negatively charged ion which makes plaque jump off the tooth surface and brushes off the plaque. Your teeth will be charged with negative ion, so plaque won’t be able to bind to your teeth. You are creating an ionic coating on your teeth and there is no need for toothpaste to protect them.

2. The Smart timer which encourages you to brush for a full two minutes.

ION-Sei toothbrush makes it easy to care for your teeth by using two timers to keep you on track. The timer encourages you to brush for a full two minutes, which is the time recommended by dental professionals; while the quad pacer beeps in 30-second intervals to make sure you thoroughly brush all four quadrants of your mouth. Teeth can be cleaned to a professional level and your dentist will confirm that at your next appointment! Our toothbrush will revolutionize your oral health routine.

3. Gentle brushing

Unlike regular toothbrushes which tries to force plaque off the teeth by friction, our ionic brush makes the teeth let go of plaque, like turning off a magnet. ION- Sei toothbrush offers gentle brushing because our toothbrush doesn’t need strong vibration to remove plaque. If you have sensitive teeth and recessing gums, this is the toothbrush you should choose.

4. Light weight and easy to hold

ION-Sei was designed by award winning design studio, aroma:id, based in Germany. Our toothbrush is stylish yet is easy to hold and easy to use.

Ionic Toothbrush Design

5. Binchotan Charcoal Bristle

Our bristle is made of Japanese charcoal called Binchotan. The bristles have antibacterial properties, suppressing the growth of bacteria on the brush head, when not in use.

6. Long lasting battery life

Don’t need to be charged in your bathroom all the time. When it needs to be charged, the toothbrush will let you know. Charge your toothbrush overnight and you won’t need to charge it for the next 3 weeks.