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Transform Your Morning Routine

ION-Sei’s unique technology removes plaque and the bacteria at the root of it — and it charges via USB!

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Natural Design

Our toothbrushes are inspired by nature-based Japanese design elements.

Ion Technology — Patented

Our fail-safe chemical-free method uses UV light to rid your mouth of bacteria.

Back and forth; round and round! That’s the usual tedious method that you’re probably still stuck on when brushing your teeth. That’s not getting rid of the bacteria though. Learn how to brush properly and where you should be paying the most attention. Our dental consultant will show you how.

“ION-Sei really helped me improve my brushing habits. After reading about the technology behind ION-Sei I was excited to try it out. It’s a completely new and innovative way to brush your teeth and I can already see results after using it for only two months.”

Researcher, Belgium

Three Brush Settings

Deep, standard, sensitive

Standard Micro-USB

Charge quickly and easily

Binko Charcoal Brush Heads

Replaceable and soft

Stealthy and Weightless

Smooth operation for all ages with a sound level of less than 50 decibels

Smart Timing Abilities

Set the timer to two minutes and it will pause every 30 seconds to remind you to switch over

Sonic Level Vibrations

The 31,000 strokes per minute are a gentle experience for such a deep clean

Lake Blue

Our Lake Blue toothbrush was inspired by Japan’s lakes as well as the presence of water in our bodies and lives.

Just as a blue lake polishes the stones within, ION-Sei will cleanse you.

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Day White

Bleached white is not the natural way of things. This version of our toothbrush is ivory instead of harsh and pale.

ION-Sei harnesses the power of natural white to work.

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Begin With Healing

Don’t rush through your morning ritual with the burning taste of menthol. ION-Sei will relax you and jumpstart your day with natural cleansing.

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Sonic Ionic Electric Toothbrush

Parts included:
ION-Sei handle
Soft and Standard brush
USB cable
Charger stand
Transparent charger cover

Unit IPX5
Charger stand IPX7

Diameter 31 mm
Length 234 mm with brush / 210 mm without brush

96g with brush / 
93g without brush
*Leading brand model approx. 135g

Rate voltage/Frequency:
AC100 – 240V 50/60Hz

Charging time:
Approx. 8 hours

Power consumption:

Battery type:
Rechargeable NiMH (nickel-metal hydride)

Operating time:
Approx. 40 cleans (1 clean = 2 min)

Vibration speed:
Sensitive 18,000 strokes/min
Standard 24,000 strokes/min
Deep 31,000 strokes/min