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Please read these terms and conditions carefully. Accessing this website is an agreement to abide by these terms as well as an acceptance to our policies, If you do not agree with the policies and terms laid out, you should not access, view or use this website or other websites affiliated with ION-Sei USA in any way.

1. Applicable Law / Jurisdiction

These terms are governed under the United States of America legislation and its judiciary. Using or accessing this website means that you are agreeing to the USA’s jurisdiction over any and all claims filed against ION-Sei USA.

Please note that ION-Sei operates in Germany primarily and its operations are regulated by the EU laws. If you would like to bring a matter to our attention, please contact us.

2. Links to Third-Party Sites.

The links on this website are provided in order to facilitate consumers. In no circumstances does ION-Sei USA assume responsibility for third party links and the content on them. When leaving the ION-Sei website to a third-party site, be aware that you are now subject to that website’s cookie and privacy policy as well as its unique terms of use. ION-Sei USA has not and does not verify information, services, and policies on third-party websites and does not endorse them.

3. Limitation of Liability and Release.

ION-Sei USA and its affiliates are not liable or responsible for any and all damages and claims to damage that come from the use of this website or the services and products advertised on it of which the only exception is that such damages arise from proven malicious fraud or misquoted and misstated information on ION-Sei USA’s part.

4. Privacy and Cookies Policy.

Viewers and users of this site are responsible for reading through the privacy and cookie policy in order to fully understand the way they interact with this site. We abide by our privacy policy strictly in terms of any personal information you may give this website. These Terms of Use function collaboratively with our Privacy Policy.

5. Copyright.

Pictures, infographics, charts, drawings, videos, illustrations, graphic logos, web code, audio clips, text, and any product descriptions are ION-Sei USA’s property and are subject to national and international copyright law accordingly. Viewers are not allowed to reproduce or plagiarize any and all kinds of content sourced from this site for their own personal gain, monetary or otherwise.

6. License and Site Access.

You are using this website under a limited license given by ION-Sei USA that allows you to view and purchase products and information. Using this site for anything other than the above is a direct violation of your limited license including unauthorized marketing or promotion. Any claims a third party makes about ION-Sei USA, its affiliates and partners, and its services are not endorsed or authorized by ION-Sei USA. This limited license does not grant resale permission for the site’s content, graphics, products, codes, or services.

7. Modifications of Terms.

At any given point, ION-Sei USA may choose to change, end or discontinue any sections on its websites as well as services and products advertised on it previously. ION-Sei USA may also choose to impose different limits as they exist currently on any sections of the website as well as any services and products advertised.

8. Your Account.

If you choose to make an account in order to make purchases from this website you alone are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account. Any orders made from your account are your responsibility and ION-Sei USA is not liable in the case of any conflicts arising from a lack of security of your shopping account.