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Transform Your Oral Care Routine

The ION-Sei Toothbrush integrates an ultraviolet light with a titanium bar to create photocatalysis—an electrical reaction that suppresses bacteria production.

Go sonic and enjoy professional-level oral care in the comfort of your home.

How Does Ionic Power Work?

Teeth and saliva have a natural negative charge, while plaque has a positive charge. Since “opposites attract”, the saliva on the teeth attracts the plaque to make it stick to the teeth.

When you turn on the ION-Sei Toothbrush, the built-in UV light bounces off the titanium bar to release negative ions, through a photocatalytic reaction, into the mouth. These negatively charged ions attract the positively charged plaque to force it off the teeth.

Additionally, the negative charge from the ION-Sei toothbrush positively charge the teeth to repel any positively charged plaque.

Your Mouth is a Breeding Ground for Disease

Your mouth is home to more bacteria than you can imagine. One of these bacteria, Streptococcus Mutans feeds on sugar to wear away your tooth enamel.

Similarly, Porphyromas Gingavalis causes receding gums and tooth loss.

Studies* have shown those who don’t brush regularly are at higher risk for developing other health-related issues, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and pregnancy complications.

* Source: Oral Health Foundation

Oral Health Foundation

Understanding Photocatalysis

You can clean out your teeth as effectively as a professional through the process of photocatalysis.

The negative ions released into the mouth because of the integrated UV light and titanium dioxide bar fight the plaque and bacteria at a molecular level.

Photocatalysis changes the charge on the plaque to force it out of the mouth and this charge flows through the saliva to prevent bacteria from bonding to your teeth to cause tooth decay or plaque accumulation.

Photocatalysis Is Clinically Proven to Work

Researchers proved that photocatalysis is effective at removing plaque causing bacteria like S. Mutans.

They used a toothbrush equipped with a titanium oxide semiconductor to show that a chemical reaction removes plaque. Consistent brushing showed that the charge on the teeth can be reversed.

When compared to the results from other toothbrushes, the titanium oxide toothbrush showed long lasting plaque removal effects because of physical function and chemical reaction.

Download Clinical Study Data