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Making the Most of Your ION-Sei Toothbrush

Just Relax, You Don’t Need To Do Much
The Tooth Brush Does All The Work For You

Brushing with ION-Sei

The ION-Sei Toothbrush does justice to the purpose of brushing by removing plaque, bacteria and suppressing bacteria production.

Oral Hygiene and Brushing

Periodontal disease is a class of bacterial infections that start in the mouth and affect other parts of your body in addition to the mouth. Brushing with the ION-Sei toothbrush minimizes the risk of periodontal disease to contribute positively to your overall health.

A lot of people think that clean teeth is all that oral healthcare is about, but you should wonder—does your toothbrush clean your gumline and interdental areas?

Brushing Tips

While you must vigorously brush your teeth for the most effective cleaning, excessive force can cause abrasion of the teeth to damage the tooth enamel and the gums. Damaged enamel makes your teeth dull, and gives bacteria room to enter the tooth to cause decay,

Additionally, it is possible that strong brushing forces your teeth back into the mouth. The ION-Sei electric toothbrush protects your gum line and enamel while thoroughly cleaning your gums and teeth.

What is Good Oral Healthcare?

People have been trying to take care of their teeth since the very beginning.
Some ways of keeping your teeth clean are better than others. Whichever way you use, you should make sure that your method prevents disease and tooth decay. That is the only way to tell if your dental routines are working.

Prevention is the Future of Oral Care

You should visit your dentist regularly for a check up and brush your teethregularly, as well as the soft palate twice a day.

Learn more at the Oral Healthcare Foundation Website.

Oral Healthcare Foundation

Clean Everyday

Its general wisdom that you should brush your teeth twice a day, every day, for at least 2 minutes.

Divide Your Mouth into Four Quadrants

The ION-Sei electric toothbrush stops every 30 seconds so that you can divide your brushing time evenly to each oral quadrant.

Tilt The Brush

Tilt the brush head at a 45-degree angle to get better contact with the gums. This removes soft plaque that hides bacteria.

Brush Up the Sides

Sweep the brush up around the sides to force the bacteria upwards and out of your mouth.

Clean Everywhere else

Get all other parts of your mouth that you might have missed for complete and thorough cleaning.

Recommended For Braces

“The ION-Sei electric toothbrush is most efficient at cleaning teeth with braces (and dentures for that matter). The long, soft bristles reach every corner, and there is no risk to the wires and brackets.”

Oliver Dunsch
Dentist, London

Oral Microbiology

Your mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus because of the moist environment and leftover nutrients. Common bacteria in the mouth like S. mutans and S. sanguis coat and fungi like candida coat the teeth in a bio film to cause health problems.

This film of bacteria and fungi affect the teeth, gums—to enter the body later and affect your overall health.

Unless you remove these bacteria and fungi with good oral habits, they can enter your bloodstream through the gums and cause numerous diseases.

Recent studies* have shown relationships between poor oral health and gum disease, as well as other serious conditions like heart conditions, diabetes, dementia and pregnancy complications.

Understanding how oral health is related to your general health can help you take better oral care decisions.

*Source: Oral Health Foundation

ION-Sei Tech Controls Bacteria

“My teeth and gums feel phenomenally cleaner. I had been scrubbing away with a standard toothbrush and the difference, both in the experience of brushing and in the results, is like day and night.”

L Dupler, UK