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What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small files that are set onto your computer or phone by the websites you’re visiting. These files are used to make websites function properly or work better for you as well to send information to the site owners.

Most browser applications allow cookies. Find out more about cookies, how to set permissions for them, and how to manage them on this website: www.aboutcookies.com.

How Cookies Work

There are many kinds of cookies out there.

Required Cookies are necessary for the website to properly operate. Cookies help you stay logged in and maintain a shopping cart while you navigate through the site.

Analytics Cookies are used by the website owners to analyze the way the website is used such as viewing the visitor count per page. This helps the team behind the site improve it.

Social Media Cookies help integrate social media onto the website so that you can like their page or share a product with ease onto your social media.

Targeted Advertising Cookies enable online ads that are tailored to your preferences.

Your Choices on Cookie Use on Our Website

We’ve made sure to add a notification so you can declare your consent about cookie use for you. By clicking the options on the notification, you can alter the cookie setting for our website based on your preferences. You can change your cookie settings anytime.

In the settings, you will also be able to find multiple categories of cookies as discussed above, each of which you can restrict or allow. Please note that changing cookie settings do not delete previously downloaded ones. You can do that using your browser settings.

Feel free to email us or use our contact page for any queries you may have.