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Transform Your Morning Routine

ION-Sei’s unique technology removes plaque and the bacteria at the root of it — and it charges via USB!

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Bincho Charcoal Bristle

2-pack per Box

Bincho Charcoal is made in the Kishu Province of Wakayama, Japan and possesses superb anti-bacterial properties. This natural exfoliant will brighten and clean your teeth all at once!

Original Spiral Bristle Standard

2-pack per box

This standard brush head provides the deep clean you’ll come to love with ION-Sei

Original Spiral Bristle Soft

2-pack per box

These bristles are softer for those with sensitive teeth but are tapered to maintain the ION-Sei standard.

A Calming Brushing Experience

Our brush heads use a range of soft fibers. Combine normal spiral bristles with tapered ones and you achieve the perfect blend of cleaning and power and gentle exfoliation. The gentle sonic vibrations at 31,000 strokes per minute reaches deep between your teeth for the ultimate purifying cleanse.