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We’re on a mission to make dentist-level cleaning accessible to all in the comfort of their home.

And when we say “all,”​ we mean it. ION-Sei is an intelligent toothbrush that integrates the power of ion and advanced engineering to improve your oral hygiene effectively. Because of its gentle and quiet sonic strokes, we recommend our toothbrush to everyone, especially those who have sensitive teeth and delicate gums. We are excited to provide the best oral care products that suit all types of dental needs!

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We wanted to create a perfect electric toothbrush; one that provides superior cleaning and feels gentle in your mouth.

When you brush your teeth using an aggressive electric toothbrush, it can cause excessive abrasion of tooth enamel, which is one of the main causes of weakened teeth. Also, if you suffer from gum issues, even simple brushing can be quite painful. By utilizing ionic cleansing properties, extra-strong motors and hard bristles are no longer necessary. Using ION-Sei will naturally prevent plaque from adhering to your teeth (before it's too late!) and help build healthy oral hygiene that lasts a lifetime.

"The ION-Sei uses technology previously only available in dental hospitals to treat gum diseases associated with dental implants for a commercial electric toothbrush."

- Sunday Express

The Innovator Behind ION-Sei

Sanyei Corporation, is a maker of unconventional lifestyle products focused on your well-being.

Established in 1946, Sanyei is an international company based in Japan. Sanyei is trusted for its outstanding craftsmanship and innovative lifestyle products. After developing and manufacturing for global brands for over 20 years, Sanyei decided to invent their own unconventional and purposeful products. After years of research and development working with professional experts and utilizing advanced engineering technology, ION-Sei electronic toothbrush was born in 2017. The result has been clinically proven by dentists and consumers all over Japan and Europe. For the first time in 2020, ION-Sei has launched in the U.S. to reinvent the standard of oral care by combining state-of-the-art engineering and intuitive design catered to your daily wellness.

Corporate website: www.sanyeicorp.com/eng

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Why Brush with ION-Sei?

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Dentist-Level Cleaning

ION-power combined with gentle sonic vibrations guarantees a dentist-level cleaning, leaving your teeth smooth and polished.



ION-Sei negatively-charges your teeth for up to 12 hours, repelling plaque and S.mutans from adhering to the surface and crevices of your teeth.


Healthy Teeth for All

ION-Sei is especially ideal for those with sensitivity issues as our toothbrush does not involve aggressive vibrations.

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