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Ionic Powered Electric Toothbrush


Ionic Powered Electric Toothbrush

With the power of IONs combined with advanced engineering, we have developed an intelligent toothbrush that helps keep your teeth polished and will help you develop a healthy, long-lasting oral hygiene routine. The extraordinary qualities of our toothbrush include: 
  • 31,000 Sonic Strokes Per Min​- Extremely gentle strokes allow effective teeth cleaning without damaging gums and enamel.
  • Gentle and Quiet​- Ideal for those with sensitive teeth. Since we depend on the power of IONs to do the hard work, aggressive vibration is unnecessary. 
  • 4 Quadrant Timer​- Pauses every 30 seconds to remind you to move onto the next quadrant of your mouth. This helps you to be more diligent about brushing for 2 minutes total for the best results. 
  • 3 Modes - Choose your perfect strength: sensitive, standard, or deep mode.
  • 3 Weeks Battery Life​- Lasts up to 3 weeks once it's fully charged. Signals when it needs to be recharged. It can be charged with a USB cable.
Try brushing with ION-Sei for 30 days. If you don't notice the difference in your oral hygiene, call us, and we'll arrange a full refund!


- Available in two colors: Lake Blue & Day White
- EAN: Lake Blue (6972850100039), Day White (6972850100022)

Do not use the product near any medical electronic equipment or home therapeutic apparatus (i.e. pacemaker, implants) for its weak currents can cause interference or malfunction of the medical devices and lead to accidents or health issues.

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      What's in the box?

      • ION-Sei Toothbrush handle
      • Two brush heads (soft & standard)
      • Charging station
      • Transparent cap for the charging station
      • USB cable
      • USB power adapter

      Designed for Your Daily Ease

      2 Types of Charcoal Bristles

      Tapered bristles perform a "floss-like-effect" and get in between the crevices of teeth, while the standard bristles gently scrub all surfaces of your teeth.

      Transparent Brush Head

      Designed to ensure the effective flow of negative ions to the inside of your mouth.

      Toothbrush product

      Slim Handle with a Grisp

      Our sleek handle is designed to conform to the curvature of your hand for superior comfort while brushing.

      Smart Storage

      The toothbrush is extra slim and does not take up space in your bathroom. You could also lay it flat without the brush head touching the surface.

      Why Brush with ION-Sei?

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      1. Crystal-Clean Finish

      Our ionic technology toothbrush does not just brush your teeth, it polishes. When the toothbrush is activated, negative ions flood into your mouth and immediately adhere to plaque molecules. This reaction weakens the plaque attachment to teeth, allowing for effortless removal when combined with gentle brushing. Meanwhile, it (quietly) generates 31,000 sonic strokes per minute, gently scrubbing the surfaces and crevices of your teeth. Together with ion generation, the toothbrush performs a professional-level cleaning of your mouth, without the hassle of a dentist visit.

      2. ION-Protection

      Negative ions also act as a destabilizer of plaque and bacteria. When the toothbrush is activated, your teeth will be safely coated with negative ions. This negatively-charges your teeth for up to 12 hours, repelling plaque and S.mutans from adhering to the surface and crevices of your teeth.

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      3. Healthy Teeth for All

      One thing that's not typically mentioned about using an electric toothbrush is the danger of damaging your tooth enamel. The enamel protects your teeth from the effects of acids and plaque, which are the main causes of cavities. Since ION-Sei performs its cleaning with gentle strokes combined with the power of negative ions, it does not involve aggressive vibrations. This not only helps to protect your teeth from damaging your enamel but also provides an ideal strength of strokes even if you suffer from sensitive gums and teeth.

      “Makes me feel like I just got my teeth cleaned at the dentist.”

      Matt Noble, 27

      “My mouth feels fresh even after drinking coffee!”

      Brittany Bartel, 30

      “My teeth feel more polished after brushing with ION-Sei.”

      Cathy Baiardi, 65

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