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Bincho Charcoal Brush Head Standard (Set of 2)


Bincho Charcoal Brush Head Standard (Set of 2)


The flat bristles of our standard brush head are suitable for polishing the surfaces of your teeth and gently massage your gums. The activated charcoal infused bristles have antibacterial properties suppressing the growth of bacteria on the brush head, when not in use.

  • Set of 2: “Standard Bristles” replacement brush heads.
  • Made with Bincho activated charcoal-infused nylon.
  • Flat bristles for gently scrubbing the surfaces of your teeth and gums.
  • Charcoal properties help to reduce plaque, odor-causing bacteria, and build-up.
  • Charcoal properties help to prevent bacteria growth on the bristles.
  • We recommend you replace every three months (if used twice a day).

    Brush Head: Bincho Charcoal
    EAN: 6972850100107

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      Keeps Your Brush Head Sanitized

      The Bincho Charcoal brush heads are replaceable attachments designed to give you the most sanitary oral care. The antibacterial properties of charcoal ensure the cleanliness of brushing with our bristles.

      What is Bincho Charcoal?

      The Bincho Charcoal is a type of activated charcoal and named after a charcoal maker in Tanabe, Wakayama prefecture, Bicchuya Chozaemon who started to selling this type of charcoal in late 17th Century. A regular charcoal is made by closing all the openings in order to snuff the fire out by starving it of oxygen. If all they wanted was regular charcoal then they could let it cool down and remove the charcoal, but Bincho Charcoal goes through an extra step. This step is what makes Bincho Charcoal special.

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      “Makes me feel like I just got my teeth cleaned at the dentist.”

      Matt Noble, 27

      “My mouth feels fresh even after drinking coffee!”

      Brittany Bartel, 30

      “My teeth feel more polished after brushing with ION-Sei.”

      Cathy Baiardi, 65

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