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Protect Your Holiday Smile: Oral Care Tips for the Holidays

Protect Your Holiday Smile: Oral Care Tips for the Holidays

A common mistake that people make is going overboard during the holidays, especially with their eating habits. The holiday season is all about festivities, fun and lots of interesting treats to eat, so it's very likely to happen to many people. What starts as a fun time off can become a detriment when you need dental care later on.

By no means do you have to skip out on any parties or events. Following some of the advice mentioned below, you can get the most out of the season of enjoyment without a hefty dental bill at the end of it all.

Go Easy on The Sweets

As tempted as you may be to have as many sugary treats as possible during this holiday season, you might want to hold back a little. The sugar in sweets can coat your teeth's enamel, which attracts bacteria that feasts on it, causing damage to both gums and your teeth.

It doesn't necessarily translate to giving up on sweet stuff entirely, but to brush your teeth after you've consumed something sugary to ensure there isn't anything in your mouth for bacteria to attack. Brushing routinely can stop plaque buildup on the enamel, ensuring the teeth stay healthy and bright.

Brush Up on Your Brushing Techniques

Dentists recommend proper techniques to help you get into the crevices of hard-to-reach spots, different areas of the mouth where food particles can easily get caught up in. Brushing can help get rid of bacteria, sugar and other debris that may be in your mouth by physically scraping them off the enamel of the teeth. This can help prevent tooth decay from bacteria.

It would be wise to do some research on your own or ask your dentist to give you some insight on how to brush correctly, helping you keep your pearly whites glistening.

Setup A Dentist's Appointment

Ideally, it’s recommended that you should be visiting your dentist twice a year, but the number of visits may be greater for those that suffer from other dental issues that require frequent checkups. Consider setting up an appointment before the holiday season kicks in, as your teeth may already require some touch-up.

And it will only get worse as you consume tons of food and drinks during the upcoming weeks, so a routinely checkup may help mitigate the upcoming damage. Your dentist may also recommend some tips and techniques to ensure you don't do too much harm to your teeth by eating the wrong kind of food or not following the right routine.

Traveling? Keep Extra Dental Care Items Handy

In case you're going to be staying somewhere else for the holidays, it’s important to keep personal hygiene items in your luggage, preferably extra ones as well. Don't count on your host to provide you with dental hygiene products, which might not be the same as what you usually use, or ones recommended by your dentist. Keep extra toothpaste, a toothbrush, floss and other dental items like mouthwash along for the journey.

 A woman using dental floss between her teeth.

Don't Exert Too Much Force on Your Teeth

As tempted as you might be to open up a bottle of soda or crack nuts with your teeth, it is dangerous for your teeth and gums. There’s a reason why there’s an application to open up these items; use them instead before you harm your mouth. Avoid eating foods that are difficult to crack and break before consumption as they can hurt your teeth.

At the very least, these can cause cuts around your gums from their sharp edges, but also potentially crack a tooth in the worst-case scenario. And during the holiday season, getting a hold of a dentist is a lot more difficult than you might imagine, and the longer a dental emergency lasts, the worse the outcome can be for your oral health.

Follow Your Oral Hygiene Routine

It is very common for people to neglect self-care when they’re occupied. With unhealthy foods, sugary treats and drinks all around you, it’s very easy for someone to forget the basics when they’re on a binge. Form good habits and stick to them such as brushing twice a day, and even in between if you consume something sugary. Make sure to floss every time you brush as well as use mouthwash for added protection. A little bit of care every day goes a long way.

Stay Hydrated

Water is essential for the body and has many benefits for teeth as well. It contains traces of fluoride which provide them with strength, but it also helps break down and wash away bits of food that may be stuck in your mouth.

Consider Buying New Oral Hygiene Products

How long has it been since you've been using the same old toothbrush? There's a chance that unless you recently just purchased a new one, it could be due a replacement. Consider looking into ionic electronic toothbrushes, which use high-end technology to provide a simple experience that can bring your teeth to their pristine condition once again.

Dental floss should also be on your list, as it can be used to get between the teeth to remove any smaller particles. Regularly using mouthwash can keep your breath fresh, kill any remaining bacteria plaguing your oral cavity and should be incorporated into your daily routine.

The ION-Sei electric toothbrush reflects Sanyei's commitment to high-quality craftsmanship, unorthodox products that serve a great need. The brush works by using negative ions released from UV LED light within the brush, interacting with the brush's titanium oxide bar.

This releases the ions, which are highly unstable and can pull away bacteria such as S.mutans off the teeth and apply an ionic coating over the enamel. Plaque also weakens due to the interaction with the ions, which can help break it down easily with further brush strokes. The product is recommended for use by children aged 11 and above.