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ION-Sei toothbrush for sensitive teeth in pregnant women

Maintaining Healthy Teeth During Pregnancy

Most women see major changes in their bodies throughout their pregnancy,  and experience different forms of discomfort as those changes occur. However, most of them live through the nine months of their pregnancy without dental discomfort. Nonetheless, good dental habits are still essential to keep yourself and the baby healthy.

Here’s how your oral health could be affected during pregnancy

      Pregnancy Gingivitis

          Your body goes through a lot of hormonal changes during pregnancy. This could result in the inflammation, tenderness, and swelling in the gums. In some cases, the gums may even bleed during brushing or flossing. If you leave the condition untreated, the condition could lead to more serious forms of gum diseases.

            Increased risk of cavities

              Pregnant women are also more prone to tooth decay, especially if they consume more carbohydrates than usual. Sweet cravings could be a common reason.

              According to the American Dental Association, morning sickness also increases the amount of acid in your mouth, which wears out the tooth enamel. The increase in hormones often affects the body’s response to plaque and result in weaker enamel. The same report also suggests that poor dental habits during pregnancy may lead to premature delivery, gestational diabetes, and intrauterine growth restriction. 

                Pregnancy tumors

                  Excess amounts of plaque can also result in overgrowth of tissues in the gum area, especially during the second trimester. These swelling make the gums look raw and they tend to bleed very easily. Even though it goes away after the baby is born, good oral care habits help keep such issues at bay.

                  A pregnant women brushing her teeth with an ION-Sei toothbrush

                  What Can You Do?

                  Here are a few tips that could keep yourself and your child healthy during pregnancy:

                  1. If you’re experiencing morning sickness, rinse your mouth as frequently as possible. Some women feel nauseous because of their toothpaste too. Switch to a milder flavor.
                  2. Brush and floss your teeth religiously. Brush after every snack you consume. This reduces the chances of tooth decay. Rinse your mouth with a fluoride mouthwash before going to bed.
                  3. Visit your dentist regularly for professional cleaning. Ensure you inform your dentist that you're pregnant and tell them about the prenatal vitamins you’re taking.
                  4. Switch to an ionic technology toothbrush like the ION-Sei toothbrush. The electronic brush is particularly suitable for sensitive teeth. The negative ions help protect the tooth surface from bacterial action and gives you a superior clean dental experience. The brush coats your teeth with negative ions. This repels the negatively charged S.mutans, just like two magnets repel. The negative ions also penetrate your teeth's crevices and destabilize the attraction between plaque and your teeth. This helps in easy plaque removal.

                  Other than that, the electric conductor handle comprises a titanium bar. This bar generates an electric reaction called photocatalysis reaction to tame the tooth-decaying bacteria.

                  The ionic protection rendered by ION-Sei ionic patented technology toothbrush is completely safe! Get in touch with ION-Sei to place an order and take your oral healthcare one notch ahead. We only manufacture clinically-approved and state-of-the-art ionic oral care products.