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8 of the Worst Foods for Your Oral Health

8 of the Worst Foods for Your Oral Health

If you're here, it means you understand the importance of oral health for your wellbeing. While regular visits to the dentists and brushing your teeth regularly are essential to keep your dental health in check, you must avoid or at least reduce the intake of food items to prevent damaging your teeth.

Let's take a look at the eight worst foods for your oral health:

8 of the Worst Foods for Your Oral Health

White Bread

Let's start with the most common food in American households: white bread. It's a staple, but sadly one of the worst foods for oral health. When you eat bread, your saliva turns the starchy, refined carbohydrates into sugary, gummy paste-like substance, leading to tooth cavities. You can alternatively buy the whole wheat bread, which is less refined than white bread and doesn't stick easily to the crevices between teeth.

Peanut Butter & Jelly

We'd hate to break it to you, but peanut butter and jelly–the ultimate combo for a breakfast sandwich–is also not a healthy option for your teeth. Though these bad boys are incredibly delicious, the high amount of sugar content feeds the acid that causes harmful bacteria. The sticky texture of PBJ, especially when combined with white bread, gives the sugar plenty of time to do the damage to your teeth.

An image of a plate full of potato chips.

Potato Chips

Crunchy potato chips are the most famous snack available in most kitchen shelves in the U.S., but it's loaded with starch, which converts into sugar, and well, you can figure out the rest of the tale. While it's okay to munch in some potato chips now and then, you should avoid eating them regularly. Moreover, always floss your teeth and brush your teeth to remove the tiny particles in the crevices to prevent plaque build-up in your mouth.


Like potato chips, crackers also contain refined carbohydrates starch, meaning they convert to sugar and harm your teeth. They also become a gooey-like substance when you chew them and increase the risk of cavities. We mentioned them separately and didn't merge them with potato chips for a reason; there's no exception for crackers. You should completely eliminate them from your diet, especially the saltine and Goldfish ones.

An image of buckets of popcorn.


We don't want to ruin your movie nights, but popcorn, the ultimate movie snack, also makes the list of the worst food for your oral health. The perfectly popped kernels get trapped between your teeth and cause cavities, and the ones that didn't get the fair share of heat to pop can chip off your tooth due to their hard surface. So only save popcorn for special treats and make sure to remove the unpopped ones to avoid damaging your teeth.


Sugar's not the only enemy of your oral health. Acidic food items, especially pickles, can also be harmful to your teeth. Vinegar, the main ingredient that gives pickles the zing, can also force you to ring your dentist as it can wear down your teeth. So, while you may enjoy a few pickles in your burger or sandwich every once in a while, eliminate them from your regular diet. Moreover, make sure to drink some water to counteract the effect of acid on your teeth.

An image of colorful sour candies.

Sour Candies

Do you have a sweet tooth for sour candy? Unfortunately, sour candies are not sweet (read: good) for your teeth. While munching on these candies can take you on a nostalgia trip, you may also need to book a trip to a dentist to undo the damage caused by the acids produced by these treats. If you can't resist the urge for your sweet indulgences, consider switching sour candies with chocolates, but in moderation, and don't forget to brush your teeth afterward.

Dried Fruits

Given these revelations of the worst foods for your oral health, you might be thinking of switching to dried fruits to satiate your cravings for an afternoon or a late-night snack, but they're not as healthy as you might think, especially for your oral health. Dried fruits like apricots, figs, and prunes—to name a few—are sticky and leave many sugars that can damage your teeth. If you really like eating them, always floss and brush your teeth after.

8 of the Worst Drinks for Your Oral Health


Alcohol's adverse effects are not limited to physical health conditions but also extend to your oral health. Alcohol dries your mouth, reduces saliva, which plays a crucial role in washing away food particles and keeping your dental health in check. If you're out with your friends or in a formal event, you may enjoy alcohol in small quantity, but drink plenty of water to keep your mouth hydrated. Also, don't forget to brush your teeth before you go to bed.

An image of different carbonated beverages and sugary drinks sitting on a table.

Carbonated Beverages

A mere 16-ounce serving of carbonated beverage contains 12.5 teaspoons of sugar. So you can figure out how much damage fizzy drinks and sodas can do to your teeth. Some studies even suggest that carbonated beverages can be as harmful to your teeth as crack cocaine. Coating your teeth with acidic substances can lead to cavities and tooth discoloration, especially if you don't clean your teeth immediately. So, limit your soda intake to one or two servings per month.  

Coffee and tea

Coffee and tea are not necessarily bad options, but they become one of the worst beverages for your oral health when you add sugar. They can also dry out your mouth, which can lead to teeth cavities. Moreover, if you don't brush your teeth immediately after consuming caffeine, you may experience discoloration of teeth. So, limit your intake of caffeinated beverages and tea and always remember to rinse your mouth and brush after.

An image of a Lake Blue ION-Sei electric toothbrush.

Start Using an Electric Toothbrush to Improve Your Oral Health

Everyday, our teeth fight battles against harmful bacteria and plaque. While eliminating unhealthy food for your teeth can significantly improve your oral health, it's important to protect your teeth by brushing it regularly. Using an electric toothbrush is a great way to clean your teeth effectively and efficiently.

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