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The Future of Your Oral Care Routine

Maintaining good dental hygiene made easy with our at-home oral hygiene products. Our intelligent Ionic toothbrush comes with patented technology that keeps your dental hygiene in check. Our toothbrush offers more precise, effective cleaning with the power of ions.

Our ionic technology toothbrush suppresses the bacteria that cause plaque and gum disease and provides a longer-lasting and deeper clean. The gentle-on-gums brushing allows you to maintain good oral care at home.

Why ION-Sei Works For You

Brushing with our ionic electric toothbrush improves the effectiveness of brushing by utilizing a natural chemical reaction. ION-Sei generates negative ions that prevent bacteria from adhering to your teeth and allows for effortless removal of plaque.

ION-Sei is the next big product for families, sustainability-driven and health-conscious people. Not only is the long-lasting design easy to use, it’s been created for optimum cleaning abilities. The different elements come together to create a premier health experience unlike anything you’ve seen before.


The dentists highly recommend using ION-Sei for one simple reason; it offers more precise, deeper cleaning with the power of ions. It’s especially recommended for those with sensitive teeth and gums, as it does not damage your enamel and gum as it does not involve strong vibrations! 

Crystal-Clean Finish

Our ionictechnology toothbrush does not just brush your teeth, it polishes. Whenthe toothbrush is activated, negative ions flood into your mouth andimmediately adhere to plaque molecules.  This reaction weakens theplaque attachment to teeth, allowing for effortless removal when combined withgentle brushing.  Meanwhile, it (quietly) generates 31,000 sonicstrokes per minute, gently scrubbing the surfaces and crevices of your teeth.

Bacteria Growth Suppression

When you brush your teeth with ION-Sei, the negative ions adhere to S.mutans bacteria, the main source of your cavities. This slows down the activity of bacteria and suppresses its reproduction in your mouth for up to 12 hours. As you continue to brush with our electric toothbrush, you can maintain a healthier, anti-cavity oral condition for a longer period.

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My teeth and gums feel phenomenally cleaner. I had been scrubbing away with a standard toothbrush and the difference, both in the experience of brushing and in the results, is like day and night.

ION-Sei really helped me improve my brushing habits. After reading about the technology behind ION-Sei I was excited to try it out. It’s a completely new and innovative way to brush your teeth and I can already see results after using it for only two months.

Makes me feel like I just got my teeth cleaned at the dentist.

My teeth feel more polished after brushing with ION-Sei.

Feels like I just flossed my teeth. My gum feels less swollen!

My mouth feels fresh even after drinking coffee!

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