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Our toothbrush is designed to make your teeth cleaner, fresher, and more polished, promoting a lifetime of healthy gums. Once you experience the power of ION technology, your mouth will never feel the same again.

Healthy Gums are the Foundation of Healthy Teeth

Our mission is to help you achieve a lifetime of oral health by offering gentle care for your teeth and gums. Keeping the gum lines and pockets clean with daily ION brushing allows you to effectively build a solid foundation for your teeth.


The dentists highly recommend using ION-Sei for one simple reason; it promotes healthy gums and builds a strong foundation for your teeth. ION technology offers a dentist-level cleaning at the comfort of your home, and the result will be obvious at your next check-up.

Easy Plaque Removal

When brushing with ION-Sei, your teeth will start to feel more polished and cleansed. This is because the ions create a protective coating around your teeth, blocking the bacteria from sticking on to your teeth, allowing for an easier removal with gentle brushing.

Gentle Gum Care

Let ION-technology do the hard work! The gentle vibration is just what your teeth need to remove plaque and bacteria without damaging your gums and enamels. It also helps to build healthy gums by massaging and cleaning along the gum lines.

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My teeth and gums feel phenomenally cleaner. I had been scrubbing away with a standard toothbrush and the difference, both in the experience of brushing and in the results, is like day and night.

ION-Sei really helped me improve my brushing habits. After reading about the technology behind ION-Sei I was excited to try it out. It’s a completely new and innovative way to brush your teeth and I can already see results after using it for only two months.

Makes me feel like I just got my teeth cleaned at the dentist.

My teeth feel more polished after brushing with ION-Sei.

Feels like I just flossed my teeth. My gum feels less swollen!

My mouth feels fresh even after drinking coffee!

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